HOLY BALLS it's back

So what happened?
I've been ill. The type of "ill" where you don't really know what's going on.

Care to elaborate?
Maybe I'll allude to it if I ever attempt creative writing again. Until then, nope.

Waaait, I don't actually know who you are, what this website is, or that it ever disappeared.
That's understandable, since I didn't really whore this site out (it's not my style). It was - and hopefully once again will be - a place to show off various projects that I made for the purpose of keeping my brain alive. That brain belongs to the artist sometimes known as "Gnac".

So, what used to be here, then?
Mostly web software: I made a complete rewrite of the old Futaba imageboard script, with modern features (for its time). It was known as "Fuukaba Basic", and was available free and without any sort of licence at all. The lack of a licence and my reluctance to promote things were probably the reasons why whole chunks of code that I worked hard on, ended up in other scripts with no attribution. Needless to say, this killed my interest in working on it any further.

There were also a few online tools - mainly lookup databases and converters for text wizardry / obscure file formats. If anyone still misses the "Samsung PMP File Converter", I'm truly sorry that it suddenly disappeared without warning. If anyone still misses the "Wii SD Card Folder Identifier", you can blame that on a hard disk failure. The "Unicode Character Database" was mainly created to test some concepts - since there are countless other places to do character lookups, it probably won't be coming back.

The largest project was "MagmaChan" - an "imageboard" written from scratch with its own distinctive look and feel, to distance itself from the extremely popular trend at the time to make 4chan clones. The concept worked so well that hardly anyone visited, despite actually promoting it.

Okay, what WILL be here in the future?
There will most probably be some sort of "MagmaChan" again, though it will be less of an imageboard, and more like a hybrid of many different types of interactive platforms. The original brief was to create "Upload Community Software", but there should really be more emphasis on discussing (and perhaps "remixing") uploaded content. Unfortunately, MagmaGateau's current free hosting does not allow things like ffmpeg or Imagick, so some of the software's audio and video features will be unavailable for now.

Expect a load of LEGO stuff too. Models, instructions, guides, photos, tools, databases. Fun!